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Since you arrived on our page, we know that you are here to find of getting Free PSN Codes. Your wish has been granted. We are here to provide you free psn codes.

Here, we are made a tool that is known as free PSN code generator. So, you can generate unlimited PSN codes.

As you already know, if you want to buy PSN Gift Card or PSN Codes, you need to use your credit card or debit card. These codes are so important to upgrade your account with the PlayStation store credit.

To purchase any games, there are many different codes and different values of PSN Gift Card are available. So the user can choose one of the PSN Gift Card to make the purchase according to their requirement.

Most of the users use PlayStation gift card or PSN gift card because it is easy to make the payments through this mode of payment. But they are so costly. That why people find it challenging to buy.

Since you arrived here, we are so happy to share that our free PSN code generator is made on the purpose that allows the users to get Free PSN codes without paying for it.


PSN codes or PSN Gift Card have two different types available are PlayStation gift card codes and PlayStation discount codes. Let us read both here.

PlayStation gift card codes: PSN gift card is gift card which are given in the form of gift cards. And you can purchase any games without needing any credit card for the payment method.

PlayStation discount codes: The PlayStation Network is issued by PlayStation. PlayStation discount codes have given for getting some extra discount on the purchase of the game. You can use these codes and get discounts easily.


Now we are talking about PSN gift card. PSN Gift Card is the gift card which use to purchase any games in the PlayStation Store. The PlayStation network issues them.

You also can share this gift card to your friends or any players as well. And it uses for making the payments. Most of the players like this payment mode.

Mostly, players who underage and don’t have any access to other payment methods such as credit cards, So they can use this PSN Gift Card. PSN Gift Card is free to purchase their favorite game in the PlayStation Store. You can find these gift cards in both offline and online stores.

Now let’s talk about how does our free PSN Code Generator work. Our free PSN Code Generator tool is free to generate the PSN codes for you. And it is 100% secure. So you do not worry about your computer or smartphone.

Especially, you can generate unlimited psn codes and use them with your PlayStation consoles as well.


Now to get PSN codes by using our free psn code generator. So you need to follow the simple steps were given below. Make sure to track every step.

  • Step-1: Firstly, click on the Free PSN Code Generator button above to open generator page.
  • Step-2: Now choose any amount of PSN gift card.
  • Step-3: Wait for some seconds or a minute and your free PSN codes are here.
  • Step-4: Done.


PSN Codes can use for buying any favorite game in PlayStation. You can use these PSN codes to buy the game you want to play from long without actually spending money on the same.

So all this was about how you can use the free PSN code generator on PlayStation and make your purchase without paying for it.

5 ways to earn PSN Codes Without Free PSN Code Generator.

Now we can get psn codes without using Free PSN Code Generator. There are 5 ways below:

1. Free PSN Codes List Below (Updated Weekly).

List of PSN codes below. You can use these unused PSN codes to get some stuff on the PlayStation Store without spending any money.

No.       Code

1          WQA9-DVFE-GXYZ

2          Z87G-69BA-664G

3          9J8E-HYM6-9DS3

4          AJB3-742E-UKKA

5          HWLA-ZBRB-6QGN

6          3T7R-3KS7-5LN3

7          ZRSW-4CTJ-VXV5

8          85UL-HSSD-F4GL

9          U5DL-MNZN-K7NP

10        JCYP-5XYS-ZAD3

2. Get PSN codes using PSNReward.

The PSNReward is a good website that you can get free PSN codes. This is a GPT website that provides many different of offers to earn points. Once you’ve made the minimum 1000 points, And those points can exchange with free PSN code. PSNReward provides $10, $20 and $30 free PSN gift cards as displayed on their website.

3. Get PSN codes using PayPrizes.

If you tried enough but still not getting enough PSN gift card codes, then here is the way through which you can quickly get PSN codes.

So the website we are talking about is PayPrizes which is trusted and the best site to get free PSN gift cards.

The website offers gift cards such as $10, $25, and $50 according to their website. Therefore, you can earn free PSN codes on PayPrizes by doing some simple tasks.

So if you want to get free PSN gift cards by using a legit method, then you can try this method.

4. Earn PSN codes using Swagbucks.

Swagbucks is one of the most popular companies in the GPT industry from the last few years. It is one of the best for you to earn free PSN codes.

There are a lot of gamers, YouTubers, and Social media influencers using Swagbucks and also sharing their referral links to other users.

Not only PayPal that provides a verity of gift cards but also Swagbucks.  So if you want to earn a free PSN Gift Card, you just need to complete a simple task on their website.

5. Getting PSN codes using Reward Point Websites.

Reward Point is also a best and legit website that you can earn free PSN codes.

Reward Point website like PSNReward works by giving you the chance to earn points by completing many simple offers.

So all that you need to do is just registering an account and then earn points that you can afford a real working PSN discount code and then you can exchange points to get free PSN codes.